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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Camphor Technologies, Inc., a unique process development and production company specializing in advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceuticals ingredients.

Over the past 25 years our company has become a leader in the commercialization of complex molecules and advanced drug substances for the human and veterinary pharmaceutical industry.

Today our processes and compounds are utilized in hundreds of personal care and pharmaceutical products in over 50 countries. Our products are used by some of the World’s largest consumer health and drug companies, from steroidal and anti-microbial compounds to dozens of everyday household over-the-counter products.

Over the past two decades we have established a vast network of key manufacturing hubs that allows us to lead the market in specific compounds. Our success in these areas is based not only on our production, but also our constant pursuit of back integration of our process to offer unprecedented production stability.

Our dynamic global organization allows us to utilize and manage production in three continents with an internal quality compliance program specifically designed around each client and their end requirement.

If you would like to learn more about Camphor Technologies, we look forward to your call and thank you again for your interest in our company.


Antimicrobial API’s


Steroid & Hormone API’s

Core Production


1S-(+)-10-Camphorsulfonic acid
1R-(-)-10-Camphorsulfonic acid


Disodium Phosphate, USP (WHO cGMP)
Monosodium Phosphate, USP (WHO cGMP)
Oxytetracycline Base/HCL USP (US FDA DMV)
Sulfadimethoxine, USP (US FDA DMV)
Hydrocortisone Base and Acetate, USP (US FDA cGMP)
Polymyxin B Sulfate, USP (US FDA cGMP)

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